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What We Do


Poteete Heating and Air Conditioning offers a full range of services for residential heating and cooling systems, including air conditioners, electric and gas powered furnaces, heat pumps, Geothermal Systems and boilers. These services include:

  • Annual inspections of heating and cooling systems
  • Equipment maintenance - trouble shooting and repairs
  • Coil cleaning - enabling older systems to function more efficiently and more reliably and possibly extending the life of existing units
  • Retrofitting - replacing existing units with newer, more efficient ones
  • Duct replacement
  • Evaluation and replacement of heating and cooling system components damaged by fire or flooding
  • Design and installation of heating and cooling systems for new construction
  • Design and installation of central heat and central air in older homes undergoing renovations
  • Redesigning inefficient heating and cooling systems to improve efficiency and comfort
  • Modifying existing heating and cooling systems which do not meet state or local building codes
  • Expansion of existing heating and cooling systems to accomodate finished attics, finished basements, finished garages, and other add-ons

Our policy (whether we are doing an inspection or have been called in to repair a malfunctioning unit) is to identify any problems the unit is experiencing and to advise our customers of the options available for resolving those problems. It is not unusual for a company to recommend that a unit be replaced, when it can actually be repaired at a lower cost. While it may be more cost effective, in the long run, to replace an old system with a newer, more efficient one, the customer should be aware of his options and of the respective cost of each.