Poteete Heating & Air Conditioning, One of our cost  efective hi efficient systems, Tempstar 92 % AFUE Furnace and 13 seer Air-Conditioning condencer. Poteete Heating & Air-Conditioning
930 Lincoln Avenue   Charleston, IL 61920
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Poteete Heating & air Conditioning in Charleston IL, Sales Service and Instolation. Home page: Potete Heating & Air Conditioning. Contact: Poteete Heating & Air Conditioning Products we sell at Poteete Heating and Air conditioning Services we offer and what we do at Poteete Heating and Air Conditioning. Frequently asked questions: frunaces, air conditioning, boilers. heatpumps. Tempstar warranty information. Seer ratings what they mean and how you can save to heat and cool your home. Utlity cost and how to read your meters. Common and tecnial heating and air conditioning terms. Heating and air Conditioning news. Important Contacts and Phone Numbers. Site Map: Poteete Heating and Air Conditioning located in Charleston IL. Poteete Heating & air Conditioning, located in Charleston IL, Sales Service and Instolation.

Important Contacts and Phone Numbers

Ameren CIPS 
Suspected gas leak:1-888-789-2477
TDD for hearing-impaired:1-888-892-0123
Underground Locating(Julie):1-800-892-0123
Speed Pay Information:1-866-792-2477
City of Charleston 
Automated System:345-2484
City Manager:345-5650
City Planner:345-8460
Electrical Inspector:345-8461
Fire & Police Board:345-5650
Fire Department:345-2132
Information Services:345-8453
Maintenance Dept:345-2049
Police Department:348-5221
Plumbing Inspector:345-6123
Street Department:345-5811
Utility Department:348-0824
Water Department:345-8431
City of Mattoon  
City Bulding Inspector:234-7367
City Hall:382-4323
Electrical Inspector:234-7367
Fire Department:235-0931
Mayors Office:234-4633
Police Department:235-5451
Water Department:235-5483
Coles-Moultrie Electric 
Toll free:1-888-661-2632
U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency